PI Project

Connecting the world through art – One number at a time.

We are creating what will one day be recognized as the largest art installation in the world using data visualization and sculpture, centered around the infinite number sequence of Pi.

This is a project involving #art #technology #sculpture #interactive #newMedia #dataVisualization #mathematics and #socialMedia

Pi Project is a multifaceted, multi-decade long project combining sculpture, mathematical concept, data visualization, geolocation and web based media.  Artists Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher are continuing this process by hand casting sculptures of each individual number along the infinite number sequence.

Connecting the world through art,  PI Project connects a network of its global collectors though geolocation and data visualization.  As the artwork ships around the world, each sculpture is identified on a web based interactive world map pinpointing three elements: the geolocations, the individual numbers and their specific position along the sequence of the most famous of transcendental numbers.

We began this process in 2017 on International Pi Day 3/14/17.   In the first year alone, PI Project is tracking over 300 sculptures spanning the world across 5 continents.   From Vietnam, Japan, France, Brazil, Italy and Australia to all over the US.  In total, the project is in 20 countries and 25 US states

This installation is available to everyone.
Follow the link below to become a part of the largest art installation in the world by collecting your very own piece of PI.

Interactive project map 

(Hover over each # to see geo-location)

Tracking the project through online sales and promoting it on social media, this will be an infinite series — continuously updated and always adaptive.  Each year will bring new sets of numbers and new ways of visualizing the data.

PI Project is part of a much larger series called Real Numbers, a new minimalist approach to exploring the poetry of numbers.

Follow the link below to become a global collector.


Each piece is hand cast from white gypsum cement and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity showing the placement of the number within the PI sequence.

To become a collector in the PI Project community your can purchase pieces with the PayPal button or you can contact us with the form below.

Each piece is $30 with Free shipping in US    (International shipping charges apply)

We encourage collectors to share images of their numbers on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with #PIProjectmap #dataatadata  

PI Pieces (quantity)



To register your PI Project sculpture please send us

  • Full mailing address, including zip code and country
  • Sculpture number you received and the number in sequence ( example:  4 / 126)


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Chris Klapper ~ Patrick Gallagher

We are a husband and wife team, based out of Brooklyn, NY.  In 2010, we embarked on our first direct collaboration with our hugely successful installation, ‘Symphony in D Minor’; a self container thunderstorm, which is now installed as a permanent piece at Hydropolis Museum in Wroclaw, Poland.

Our work is multimedia, large scale multidimensional. Our subject matter is driven by specific projects, environments and experiences. Overall, we look to explore new technologies and to use them to express immense ideas on a human scale. Employing sound, sculpture, video, projection mapping, composites and digital new media, we look to explore every expressive opportunity that presents itself.

For more info about us please visit

chrisklapper.com                      patrickgallagher.nyc